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Both corporations and individuals ask the above questions to themselves at a certain point in time. Studies across the world have proven that leadership and management are two different character traits and are entirely independent of each other. Leaders are called upon to set vision and direction and thereby help enterprises and communities pave roads for an unknown future. Leadership is a combination of all these and much more. It happens when vision meets purpose, drive and energy; or at least that is what leaders make us believe. Managers make sure that the followers remain in the track that leaders have set.

Do you have it in you?

What does it take to become a leader?
What does it take to be the visionary, the influencer, to transform/evolve corporations, start-ups, communities and environments? Technical skills? Foundational skills? Managerial skills? Communication skills? Power to influence and convince people? Ability to visualize the future? Ability to predict and deal with challenges? Ability to solve problems? Is it core foundational knowledge? Is it people skills? Is it empathy? Is it selling skills? Is it persona? Ability to understand, pivot and evolve business models?

Global Leadership Network

Global Talent Development
Talent development will present one of the greatest business challenges and the war on acquiring and retaining Global talent is going to be the major human resource issue through 2030. The people pipeline will be the most crucial variable separating winners and losers in the marketplace. Companies will have to go through creative lengths to secure, develop, and retain talent and knowledge as their workforce ages. Terrene Global Leadership Network will prepare your most valuable asset for the same.
What does it take to become a leader? What does it take to be the visionary, the influencer, ...
How does one undergo the metamorphosis from a manager to a leader?
The highly personalized and holistic mentoring programmes with peer community support...
Terrene GLN will identify industry sectors where entrepreneurs in India are making efforts ..

The conventional approach – why does it fail?

In a fast-paced, fast-globalizing world, human resource managers pay scant attention to the evolution and development of their leadership pipeline.
Especially as corporations are led by managers in most cases. It is an area of concern for global businesses. How many of your company’s work-force or talent pool ultimately possess the skills to be counted upon to lead in environments that are not predictable. How many would you put in the top three per cent of your company as current and future leaders? When will the need arise? Who will make the best team for those situations? An honest exercise starts with self-reflection, peer-evaluation and openness at the top echelons. To take this to the next level requires creating a culture that is infused with empowerment, enablement and encouragement. A lot of organizations go through the exercise of “succession planning” or “organizational development” that is well orchestrated by HR but not necessarily built on an environment of self-evaluation and openness. They know that most good functional managers don’t make good leaders but they are liked for their achievements in functional silos. Leaders are not available by spade-loads, so organizations attempt to shape and mold their existing talent for leadership roles through traditional/conventional methods of taught-down learning.

The leadership void – HR nightmare

The leadership void – or the lack of leadership skills is negatively impacting most enterprises as we evolve into a fast paced environment and unchartered territories.
It leads to enterprises not capitalizing on their most important capital asset – human capital. The difference is seen in daily examples that scream for the need of good leadership – sometimes for the very survival of companies to small teams that become ineffective due to poor leadership. This leads to missed opportunities
The conventional approach to leadership mentoring is to do several piecemeal and episodic programmes every year – mostly in taught down learning seminars or courses that still teach strategy, conflict management etc. These programmes are too focused on foundational and theoretical aspects. The participants fail to see the larger picture, understand where they stand and how they fit in currently and in the future. Programmes imparted by universities and high-priced professionals are too focused in theoretical or case-study environments that never touch the individual themselves.
The ironical aspect is that there is a total lack of progressive leadership in leadership education.
Terrene is an open platform network of leaders, psychologists, leadership researchers, mentors, academicians, practitioners, artists and thinkers. Envisioned as a series of lounge and retreat interactions, the stakeholders form a community for leadership excellence. The leadership lounges are held against patented knowledge frameworks such as PEML and HCI. They exist with the single purpose of imparting to YOU the skills required to take up leadership roles in the 21st century. The highly personalized and holistic mentoring programmes with peer community support network ensures that you are well on your way to understand yourself better and in the process metamorphose into a leader. It is not magic; and it is not conventional. It is making you part of the process and it takes a lot of openness and hard work on both sides – to make YOU a Leader for the global world.
What do we impart?
The best place to study the solar system is outside the universe! Terrene goes all the way beyond the conventional theories, ‘isms’ and chasms to put together a holistic model of leadership mentoring. It draws upon from a vast array of practitioner resources – global at that, to ensure that you get the best and have access to the best. After all, to be a Global leader you have to be the best.

PEML Lounge Discussions

Terrene ensures that each participant of the lounge discussions gets to where he stands in relation to several character traits of successful leaders.
He is then empowered and encouraged to transform himself - step by step into the shoes of his mentors. This is accomplished by widening his mental canvas, building inquisitiveness and empathy, roleplays, decision-making exercises, increasing his/her self-awareness and realizing the impact of his/her actions on a wider audience apart from the immediate surroundings. Each of these activities is undertaken under the expert care and guidance of leading industry stalwarts and practitioners; each handholding your nominee every step of the way.

Industry Forums

Terrene GLN will identify industry sectors where entrepreneurs in India are making efforts and focused on arriving on the global landscape.
To reach and be effective on the global landscape it is much more than functional and technical expertise - it requires a leadership mind-set. In order to help the identified industry sectors Terrene GLN will organize events to bring in the appropriate stakeholders (upcoming companies in the sector, global experts, investors/venture capitalists, identified successes et al) to build the eco-system and support the initiative of building global leaders. Current identified sectors are software products, retail and architecture design. In a first of its kind Terrene GLN is partnering with iSpirt to organize the inaugural event.


Terrene GLN has been founded by Piyush Singh to provide a platform for transforming managers and functional experts to global leaders through a holistic engagement model and support of an ecosystem.
Terrene GLN will also provide testing/evaluation services to organizations for determining the leadership attributes of their associates.
Terrene GLN is collaborating with Healthy Companies International, a CEO and Executive Coaching organization based out of Arlington, VA in USA to impart some of their patented methods for holistic development of leaders.
  • Crust: The visible stuff – it is what we can see, touch and feel easily and have questions that will explore easily - The Earth’s crust is the familiar and visible landscape on which we live: rocks, soil, and seabed.
  • Mantle: affects the organizations because of interplay of people/groups within the organizations - currents within the mantle have broken the crust into blocks, called plates, which slowly move around, colliding to build mountains aka barriers or rifting apart to form new seafloor.
  • Outer Core: Defines how we behave as leaders and organizations and the kind of people we attract aka the liquid iron core creates the Earth's magnetic field.
  • Inner Core: Values that we strongly believe in strongly and creates an all encompassing pressure to keep it strong - inner core is iron and super hot. The Iron does not melt because the pressure is so high.

Piyush’s Earth Model of Leadership [PEML]
  • Crust: Foundational Skills - Domain knowledge (Finance, HR, IT etc), Communication (verbal, social, conversational), Etiquette , Organizational skills, Physical well-being, Passions outside work-life, Social responsibility, Socializing skills
  • Mantle: Handling Emotions, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Negotiation Skills, Risk Profile, Relationship Management
  • Outer Core: Personality Type, 360 degree relationships, Visioning & Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Planning Skills, Execution Skills, Socializing skills (when they are not the center of attraction), Cultural knowledge of demographics
  • Inner Core: Ethics and value systems, Spiritual self, Socio-cultural background, Lifestyle choices, Societal responsibility, Role of family & friends, Work-life integration

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